Welcome to the 20th Virtual Fighter Wing. We are a group of Falcon Flight Sim enthusiasts who do their best to learn and perfect all the flight and combat techniques possible in the F-16 Viper.

Several of our members have been Beta-testers/Developers with Benchmark Sims and continue to support and test any upgrades to Falcon BMS. Our Instructor Pilots have over 10 years experience flying Falcon and have been instrumental in the development of our training program, which we consider to be second to none.

All members of the wing have a great deal of respect for each others' skills as pilots and also for each others personalities. All flights are performed ramp to ramp and are terminated with a debriefing aimed at improving our performance. We also respect our families, who may be listening in to the flights, and individual pilots, by refraining from the use of profanity which others may find offensive.

  The Wing constantly tries to be the best pilots we can be. To accomplish this goal, we require all members to work at improving our flight experience. We don’t participate in role playing, we simply fly as realistically as the sim allows. 

   Pilots interested in membership in the 20th are invited to register on our public forums and introduce yourself.  If you are interested in joining the 20th, please fill out the application form by clicking on the "I Want to Join" button located at the bottom of the menu list. 

  We are currently accepting applications.  Applicants will be interviewed by command staff  prior to acceptance.  We are a Flying wing, we are accepting pilots that want to fly on a regular basis.  

   Open recruitment for experienced BMS (v) pilots.      F-16 & F/A-18 seats available.  Click on the "I want to Join" button and introduce yourself on our forums

   Guest pilots are welcome to fly with us. Let us know that you're interested in flying with us by making a post in the forum.

   Flights are normally scheduled at 18:00 PST/02:00 GMT during the week.

         Regular participation is expected from all members.

   Although we have members around the world, we are an English only speaking wing.  Please keep this in mind before submitting an application.  Also, the minimum age requirement for membership is 18.

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