77th Fighter Squadron
The 77th Fighter Squadron "Gamblers" are a combat ready F-16C/D squadron tasked
with air-to-air, air-to-surface and Suppression of Enemy Air Defense missions as
directed by the wing or component commander in support of friendly forces. 

The squadron maintains and operates Block 50 Mini-D variant F-16 Fighting Falcons in
support of complex training and operational tasking, while maintaining proficiency in the
employment of a full array of munitions and tactics. 

The squadron is one of four F-16 units assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing, Shaw Air
Force Base, S.C., under the direction of Headquarters 9th Air Force/U.S. Central
Command Air Forces and Headquarters Air Combat Command.

In addition the 77th is also an elite aggressor squadron and acts as a training aid for
other military pilots. The 77th Aggressor squadron aircraft are flown by the top pilots
specially trained to act as enemy aircraft during air combat exercises. This elite part of
the squadron fly f-16 aircraft, during training exercises as though they are in adversary
aircraft, and they only use aircraft capabilities that would be available to enemy pilots. 

Primary operations are SEAD, SEAD Escort and Aggressor Tactics.
Pilot Roster