Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you always wanted to know about the 20th and BMS, but were afraid to ask.
Q.  Can I install BMS over Falcon AF?

A.  No.  BMS does not install over any other program.  You must have the original Falcon 4.installed on your system.  It can be purchased through Good Old Games or Steam

Q.  Do I have to be an experience pilot to fly with the 20th.

A.  Absolutely not.  We welcome all levels at the 20th however, you should have already completed the first 3 training mission that are included with BMS and be able to demonstrate your proficiency to an IP.

Q.  I am connected to the internet through a router.  Are there any specific ports I should have open.

A.  Yes.  You must open ports 2934 to 2937  and we find that it is best to have both UDP & TCP open.

Q.  I just bought a copy of Falcon 4.0 off Ebay, but it didn't come with a manual. What do I do now?

A.  There are sufficient manuals within the Docs folder of the sim to get you going and further handbooks are being written as you read this.

Q.  How realistically do you fly on the 20th?

A.  We do our best to fly the way the USAF does.  We use brevity codes, military procedures,formations, and attack profiles.  We don't however "Role Play" when flying.  If it isn't functional in the sim we don't do it.